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Full Potential

"It is your obligation to realize your full potential; it is our obligation to help you express it!"     - Dr. Luke Pinatello

Jeffrey, Chiropractic and Orthotics

Working as an elementary school teacher, I spend many hours on my feet, walking up and down countless stairwells, and lifting and unpacking all kinds of books and materials.  This past October, I started experiencing a severe pain in my right foot.  Already suffering from pain in both my knees, it became difficult to walk around and stand up for a prolonged amount of time.  Every time I took a step, it felt as though I was stepping on a large marble on the underside of my foot.  After a few days, I decided to call a podiatrist. 

At my visit, I told the doctor about the pain in my foot.  After examining my foot, he said my second metatarsal was inflamed.  I asked how it might have occurred.  He simply said bad shoes, heavy lifting, and standing all day.  He then prescribed an ant-inflammatory medicine and placed a piece of foam on inside my shoe to take the pressure of the problem area.  Later that evening, I went home, and took the medication as prescribed.  To my surprise, I started experiencing severe stomach pains and my foot seemed to get worse.  Two days later, I called the podiatrist and told him of my new problem with the medication, and made him aware that my foot was still in pain.  He simply called in a new prescription and told me to check back in a few weeks.  Well I decided to make an appointment with my regular doctor because of the severe stomach pain I was experiencing.  He advised me to discontinue the medication because of the effect it was having on my stomach.  When I asked him about my foot, he said to keep ice on it and let the podiatrist know about the medication.  Now I felt as though I was at a loss.  I never called the podiatrist back because I didn't feel it was doing any good.  While I was exploring different options, my friend referred me to Dr. Luke Pinatello, Chiropractor.  I decided to try this route, as I was unsuccessful with my previous attempts.

During my first visit, I discussed all of the problems I was having with my knees and feet.  After my examination, I learned that there were several factors contributing to the pain I was experiencing.  The one major problem that was uncovered to me for the first time was that I had flat feet.  The podiatrist I visited never discovered this problem.  After talking with Dr. Pinatello, it was suggested that I come back for a digit foot scan to see exactly where the problem areas where and if they could be corrected with orthotics.  The results of the scan were impressive.  I had several collapsed arches in my feet and this was affecting my knees, hip, and back.  Dr. Pinatello recommended having custom orthotics made to treat the problem in my feet.  He also advised me to add specific foods and vitamin supplements that naturally help the body heal and suppress inflammation in your joints.  Following his recommendations, I was measured and fitted at the Live Proper Health Center for orthotics and I made changes to my diet.

It has now been a little over three weeks since I was fitted with my custom orthotics and the pain in my right foot has diminished.  My knees are starting to feel better and the more I continue to stretch and do the recommended exercises for my feet, the better I feel.  I am confident that Dr. Pinatello's approach to using preventative care and natural remedies as a way of healing the body worked for me.  I feel much better and I am now able to move around without the pain and discomfort I previously had.  I highly recommend Dr. Pinatello for his professionalism, knowledge and expertise in making my health issue one of his top priorities.

Testimonial From Maria

"I just recently joined Live Proper Chiropractic.  Owning my own business I know how important it is to have such a personal touch, as well as, remain professional.  Dr. Luke does both very well.  His work has far exceeded my expectations in his profession, philanthropy and as a genuine person."            - Maria